Forklift Batteries

Electric Forklift & Industrial Batteries

We are able to send a quote for any new forklift batteries &  industrial batteries you require. Whether you require batteries for a fleet of electric forklift trucks or a replacement battery for another industrial machine we have an endless variety of industrial batteries for sale. For a quote just fill in the form below.

With overnight delivery throughout the UK once you’ve made a purchase you will receive your new battery in great time. No waiting around and having to continue to use an old battery or even be stuck without a battery at all.

In order to speed up this process please use the form below to send an inquiry including as much information about the electric forklift battery as possible. The batteries should have an identification label or sticker on to help you gain the information needed.

If you are still uncertain as to what information we need you are welcome to email photographs of your forklift batteries so we can help identify what exactly you need. The most important part being of the battery plate/label but the more photos you can provide the faster we can get back to you with a quote. For any more information about the batteries we have for sale please call us on 0800 633 5532 or email us. When you get in touch via email please include your company name.

If you know what battery you need, please fill out the form below:

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