Forklift Battery Chargers

Forklift Battery Chargers

At Juice we understand that getting the correct battery for your forklift is vital as without it, work productivity and efficiency can suffer through forklift downtime. A good battery is the heart of the forklift. Here you can explore a range of conventional and high-performance forklift chargers designed to keep your forklift fleet fully charged and ready for action.  

Selecting the right charger can have a lot to it. Considerations can include battery charging durations, battery heat levels, watering schedules, input current consumption and overall charger performance. 



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JUICE Rapid Forklift Battery Charger
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SE Conventional Forklift Battery Charger
JUICE Micropower Sharp HF Three Phase Charger
Forklift Battery Components

Conventional Chargers

Conventional chargers, while being older and more simplistic in design, offer a multitude of advantages that align with their emphasis on reliability and durability. These units might lack the advanced features of their modern counterparts, yet they excel in their steadfast ability to provide consistent and dependable charging solutions. With a focus on serviceability, conventional chargers often possess straightforward interfaces and intuitive controls, making them easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

High-Frequency Chargers

High-frequency chargers represent a remarkable leap in technological advancement, offering a compact yet highly sophisticated charging solution that is a testament to innovation. These units leverage their advanced circuitry and intelligent algorithms to enable precision charging, adapting to the specific needs of batteries with remarkable accuracy. In addition to their smaller form factor, high-frequency chargers excel in eco-friendliness, emphasising energy efficiency to reduce operational costs and minimise environmental impact. We also have a range of portable forklift battery chargers to choose from thanks to the Fronius line.

Our Promise

Every forklift battery charger for sale includes a comprehensive warranty by default, showcasing our confidence in the quality and reliability of our products. The duration and specifics of the warranty vary depending on the forklift charger type. Notably, chargers acquired together with a Juice battery package will be granted a 5-year warranty.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the forklift chargers market, offering the latest and greatest.

We also offer a rental and reconditioned/approved used service, providing convenience and peace of mind that purchasing a new charger for your forklift battery won't break the bank. 

Forklift Battery Components

Supply and Fitting

Juice can provide Supply and Fitting service to repair or replace any part of your electric forklift battery, including forklift battery cell replacement, utilising our 40-strong team of qualified engineers. They will also be on hand to provide you with maintenance information and future-proofing solutions. We're here to help!

Discover our wide range of high-quality chargers for sale, suitable for various industrial battery charger needs.

To learn more or schedule an appointment to discuss how Juice can support your company with forklift truck batteries, including discussing the forklift batteries we have for sale, please contact us.


Which battery your forklift needs depends on its voltage, size, how you use it, and the type of battery that works best. Check the forklift's manual or ask an expert to make sure you choose the right battery.

No, forklifts need specialised deep-cycle batteries that are designed to match their specific power requirements and usage characteristics.

You can charge your forklift battery using a specialist charger sold by Juice Energy. You should charge it when it gets below about 30% to maximise lifespan.

No, it's essential to buy a forklift battery charger that matches your forklift's specifications.