Forklift Battery Water Filling Systems

Forklift Battery Water Filling Systems

The fluid in your lead-acid battery is vital for correct functionality. It must be monitored to be kept at a correct and safe working level. Juice provides the essential tools to monitor and fill the battery when necessary. 

You should always follow the battery manufacturer's recommendations for water levels to ensure the battery cells are in optimal working condition. 




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Forklift Manual Topping Bottle (8 Litre) Forklift Manual Topping Bottle
Juice Male Couplings Juice 6mm Male Coupling
BFS Flow Indicator With Filter - 10mm
BFS Female Coupling 6mm BFS Female Coupling 10mm
JUICE P1 Topping Gun JUICE P1 Topping Gun with tube
BFS Flow Indicator With Filter - 6mm
Single 25 Litre Deionised Water Container Single 25 Litre Deionised Water Container
Gun X Auto Shut Off Battery Watering Gun
JUICE HydroFill Watering Cart
Juice BFS Hose
BFS Hose
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Deioniser Refill Cartridge for Philadelphia Scientific Range
BFS System Pressure Adapter (FLT-042)
INJ-607 Battery Top Up Gun
Watering Monitor/Smart Blinky
HydroFill Water Cart Charger
BFS Head BFS Head
BFS Head
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BFS Floats
BFS Floats
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BFS Connecting Parts - L Collar 6mm
BFS Connecting Parts - L Collar 10mm
BFS Connecting Parts - 08T616
BFS Connecting Parts - 08T111
BFS Connecting Parts - 08T666
BFS Connecting Parts - 08END6 End Piece NW6
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Battery Overwatering

When an excessive amount of water is added to a battery before it undergoes the charging process, a concerning situation arises. This oversupply of water causes the electrolyte, which is the solution inside the battery responsible for facilitating energy transfer, to expand beyond its normal capacity. Consequently, the expanded electrolyte can breach the confines of the battery's designated space and overflow. This overflow poses a dual threat: it has the potential to inflict harm on the battery itself by introducing foreign substances into its internal structure, possibly leading to chemical imbalances and diminished performance. Additionally, this electrolyte overflow could pose a risk to the individuals handling the battery, as the corrosive nature of the electrolyte may cause chemical burns or other injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to recommended guidelines for battery maintenance and avoid overwatering to prevent both battery damage and potential harm to operators.


How often you need to add water to forklift batteries depends on the battery type, size, how it's used, and the environment. Usually, it's recommended to check and add water every 5 to 10 times the battery is charged.

To fill a forklift battery with water, open the battery compartment, check water levels in each cell, add distilled water if needed while avoiding overfilling, securely close the compartment, and consider adding water after charging if necessary.

You should use pure or distilled water for your forklift battery as dirty water can damage the battery.

You should wear PPE to cover your eyes and and hands in case of potential battery acid exposure.

It's better to add water to a battery after charging as charging can cause slight battery water level changes.