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Our team of experts can provide a quote for any new forklift or industrial batteries. Choosing Juice for your new forklift battery means that you're choosing a partner with some of the most comprehensive and expert knowledge of industrial batteries. 

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Battery Overwatering

When an excessive amount of water is added to a battery before it undergoes the charging process, a concerning situation arises. This oversupply of water causes the electrolyte, which is the solution inside the battery responsible for facilitating energy transfer, to expand beyond its normal capacity. Consequently, the expanded electrolyte can breach the confines of the battery's designated space and overflow. This overflow poses a dual threat: it has the potential to inflict harm on the battery itself by introducing foreign substances into its internal structure, possibly leading to chemical imbalances and diminished performance. Additionally, this electrolyte overflow could pose a risk to the individuals handling the battery, as the corrosive nature of the electrolyte may cause chemical burns or other injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to recommended guidelines for battery maintenance and avoid overwatering to prevent both battery damage and potential harm to operators.


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Which battery your forklift needs depends on its voltage, size, how you use it, and the type of battery that works best. Check the forklift's manual or ask an expert to make sure you choose the right battery.

No, forklifts need specialised deep-cycle batteries that are designed to match their specific power requirements and usage characteristics.